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18 till 22 July 2015 in the Sint - Barbaracollege in Ghent
38th Eastman Open
International Chess Tournament
We have reserved a number of rooms in student home Ter Linden.  These are located at St. Amandstraat 64-66 in Ghent, only 750 m away from the tournament hall.  50 rooms can be offered in home Ter Linden.

The price for a single room with a personal bathroom and breakfast included is 35 euro/night.  One additional night is charged as warranty.  A 4 night stay (Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night) in home Ter Linden will thus cost you 175 euro, of which 30 euro is the warranty.  There are also a few double rooms that cost 50 euro/night, again with a one night warranty.  Beware of the fact that the beds are only provided with mattress protectors.  Pillows, sheets and blankets (sleeping bag) must be provided by each individual for himself.  A bed package (with blanket, pillow, fitted sheet, cover and pillow-case) can be rented for 20 euro.

All reserved rooms have to be paid within 10 days of reservation!

Reservations before 30 June 2015!

The bank details are:

IBAN BE48 7374 2629 4027
in the name of chess club KGSRL with clear mentioning of the participantís name.

Other possibilities for accommodation:

Players who fill in the entry form on this website will receive a password.  With this password they can login to the tournament website and follow the progress of their tournament inscription and room reservation.  Due to the restricted number of rooms, a fast reservation will be necessary.  The reservation of a room is only considered final when the required amount due to the rent of the room is received.  Rooms which are unpaid for can be assigned to other players.

Very important: Players who book a room have to present themselves on the first day of the tournament in home Ter Linden as well as in the tournament hall before 13.00 h

Please consult the FAQ for further questions about the accomodation.