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18 till 22 July 2015 in the Sint - Barbaracollege in Ghent
38th Eastman Open
International Chess Tournament
I ordered a room in the home. What is the procedure?
Each player having ordered a room an having registered for the tournament through the website will receive a password.  With this password, the player can login to the tournament website and follow the progress of his reservation.  The reservation of a room is only considered final when the required amount due to the rent of the room is received.  This will also be announced on the protected page on the tournament website.  Each player who reserves a room should present himself in the tournament hall as well as in the student home.  This is very important!  Players who only register themselves in the home will not be registered for the tournament and will not be paired for the first round.  Players who only show up in the tournament hall may lose their room booked after 13.00 h.  Both registrations ought to take place before 13.00 h.
What is included in my stay?
A daily breakfast buffet is included in the price (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning).  The rooms come with beds and mattress protectors and a personal bathroom.  A sheet, blanket and pillow need to be provided by each player for himself.
Why do I need to pay a warranty?
Some rooms contain personal items by students who stay in home Ter Linden for several years.  The warranty is also a protection against the loss of keys.
Can I lengthen my stay at the home?
Yes, but in contrast to the previous years it is only possible to come one day earlier (on Friday 17 July, from 18.00 h) or stay one more day (Wednesday 22 July, rooms need to be vacated on Thursday 23 July at 11.00 h).  Players who wish to stay in Ghent need to find accommodation on their own initiative.

What if I have to cancel my room for some reason and I have already booked an paid?
Paid room reservations cancelled before 15 June 2015 will be fully refunded, cancellations before 30 June will be refunded for 75% and cancellations before 10 July for 50%.  After 10/07 cancellations will not be refunded.  Any refunds will only be paid back after the tournament.  Refunds should be asked for by e-mail.

When do I have to leave my room?
Each player has to leave his room on 22 July before the start of the prize-giving at the latest, unless there is a reservation until thursday morning, then the player has to leave the room before 11.00 h on thursday.

Is there a parking nearby home Ter Linden?
Ten cars can be placed on the parking lot on the domain of home Ter Linden.  These parking spots are rented to the first ones to ask for them on location.  There is another big underground parking at the Sint-Pietersplein, at 100 meters of the home.  This parking is cheap and should be considered as the best alternative. 

I have paid for the room but confirmation has not yet been posted on my protected page on the website?
We will confirm your room as soon as we have received the money.  Please keep in mind that international money orders can take up to a week.  Please login to the website every now and then to follow the progress of your reservation.  If you have not yet received confirmation on the protected page after more than 10 days, please contact us through e-mail.
May I miss a round?
Yes, however, you will get a 0 for this round.
How much will the prize money be if there are less than 300 paying participants?
The prize money will be adjusted in terms of percentage according to the number of paying participants.  An example: 280 paying participants take part.  Second prize in the main category will be (1.000 euro x 280)/300 or 933 euro.
Will I have to play against a teammate?
Not during the first 3 rounds, but this is possible later on.
When will the pairings for the next day be communicated?
The pairings will be pasted in the tournament hall and may be consulted on our website every night around midnight as well.
What happens in case of disputes?
A players’ committee will be established, made up of three players/arbiters chosen randomly. This committee will settle all possible disputes in consultation with the Chief Arbiter.
I wish to stay in Ghent but not in the University Homes.
The organisation only offers accommodation in the Home Ter Linden for the duration of the tournament, at affordable prices.  On the website of the city of Ghent you can find all other accomodation.  You will have to take care of this yourself though.

Does the tournament count for your rating?
No, the Ghent Open is not communicated for Elo-treatment.  A tournament "scorecard" from the tournament director is no longer possible.