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18 till 22 July 2015 in the Sint - Barbaracollege in Ghent

(1) Het prijzengeld wordt procentsgewijze aangepast aan het aantal betalende deelnemers.

(1) The prize-money is adapted percentagewise according to the number of participants paying entry fee.

38th Eastman Open
International Chess Tournament

Addtional Prizes

The chess club taking part with 5 main club members and located at the greatest distance from the tournament venue is granted 100.

The chess club participating with the highest number of main club members, is granted 100 (excepting KGSRL).

The team of which 5 main club players obtain the highest number of points, receives 100.  The second team, 50.

The winner of the chess problem competition is awarded 25.

Each round, the player scoring the best Elo performance receives a bottle of Cava (max. 1 bottle pro player).

Lightning chess competition (depending on the number of participants).